Sustainability Awards 2017

Tea Sustainability Awards 2017


The Tea Association of the USA and Canada are delighted to announce our second annual Sustainability Awards for the tea sector. These Awards recognize all the hard work and operational execution being put forth globally throughout the tea industry and embed sustainability in the entire tea supply chain.

Purpose of awards

  • Celebrate good work
  • Bring work to the attention of the global tea industry
  • Encourage others to replicate best practice

We want to recognise the holistic efforts of companies in addition to specific projects. We want to celebrate companies and projects that are helping accelerate tea in becoming a crop that delivers not only a delicious cup of tea, but does so in a way that is socially just with a positive impact on the environment.

The purpose of these awards is to feature the best practices currently being employed in our industry. All entrants initiatives will be highlighted at the conference.

Award categories

We are inviting entries in the following two categories:

  1. Best Social Initiative of the year. This will award an initiative designed to advance social sustainability within the tea sector. The initiatives focus should be on improving social conditions, e.g. empowering women, quality of life, diversity.
  2. Best Environmental Initiative of the year. This will award an initiative designed to advance environmental sustainability within the tea sector. It recognises a company that advocates environmental benefits that may include reduced carbon emissions, waste or pollution, protecting biodiversity and ecosystems.


Taking our lead from The United Nations Environment Program, The Guardian Sustainable Business Awards as well as the Institute for Sustainability and Technology, we have developed the following criteria:

Best Social Initiative

  • Quality of Life & Equity: in what way is the initiative improving the quality of life of those in the tea sector; physical well-being, education, safety and security, gender equality
  • Social Cohesion: in what way has the initiative helped the broader community and allowed for participation in decision making processes
  • Impact. What measurable outcomes were planned and how they achieved its original objectives.
  • Scalability. Can the initiative be scaled or replicated within the tea sector? We will be looking for initiatives with this potential.

Best Environmental Initiative

  • Innovation: How is the initiative demonstrating innovation and risk tactics in the pursuit of environmental sustainability.
  • Holistic: We are looking for companies that have a holistic view of sustainability. They might have a sustainability strategy or they might have a range of initiatives that they are implementing to meet several sustainability objectives.
  • Impact: We are looking for companies that can demonstrate the impact that they have had in pursuing environmentally sustainable outcomes.

Application process

  1. Describe the initiative. (Max 150 words)
  2. Articulate its objectives. (Max 500 words)
  3. Summarize impact did it have and/or what were its outcomes? Please supply supporting evidence, if possible (Max 500 words)
  4. Describe how the initiative is innovative. (Max 500 words)
  5. Describe how the initiative can be replicated. (Max 500 words)

Please provide any pictures or videos to help support the application.